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SHOWROOM OPENING HOURS: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday - 10am to 4pm

Our Ethos


Vetro e Metallo means Glass & Metal in Italian.

The centre of V&M’s ethos is the handcrafting and upcycling of salvage materials to create a collection of metal and glass with soul.

V&M celebrates its Italian heritage through the vibrant palette of Murano glass used to create a stunning collection of rings, beads and earrings. Metals are salvaged locally and re-formed to tell a new story. Every piece is produced in V&M’s forges and kilns in Braidwood, NSW.  Each piece comes with a LifeTime Guarantee and Certificate of Authenticity.

The Classic Collection (our online shop) is a tiny taste of our full range. New collections and one-off pieces are constantly created in our workshop. Treat yourself with a limited edition jewellery statement piece found at a V&M market event or from our Braidwood Showroom.

We love markets and being part of the artisan handmade movement in Australia. This is where we road-test all of our new designs. Loyal customers love adding to their collections by layering new combinations. Check out our socials for happy market day snaps. If you can't visit us at our showroom or market events, subscribe to our newsletter for news on new product launches and special offers.