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Copper orthotics


V&M's forebears from the Greek island Kythira and the Aeolian isle Salina subscribed through the generations to the wellness properties of copper. And in recent years the demand for V&M's Wellness products has grown significantly, particularly the copper cuff (with brass-dipped ends).

Demand has seen V&M extend its Wellness Range to custom copper splints for various ailments and injuries. More recently we have been meeting the demand for podiatry inner-soles (sits comfortable in any shoe, anchored by the heel and in-step and slightly sprung to provide cushioning and comfort) and orthotics (shaped specifically to customers' existing orthotics and sized to one of their own shoes).  

Podiatry interest stems from proven copper anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, together with the relief provided by copper for foot injuries, arthritis and numerous other foot and ankle conditions.