V&M Metal Wrapping

Metal WrapingWe are always happy to collaborate and have several customers who we work closely with to create jewellery that combines their ideas (or in this case, semi-precious stone), with our handcrafted metals.

Frances is a regular customer from Wollongong who has a serious collection of (and great knowledge of) semi-precious stones.

We wrap Frances’ stones in copper, brass and silver, which are then worn as a pendant. We also make up rings with a silver backing so that Frances can complete her jewellery set.

If you have any special stone or pebble or found objects you’d like us to wrap, bring them to one of our markets (or you can send to PO Box 180, Braidwood NSW 2622) and we can wrap it to create a feature pendant for you!

No-one else will have one the same!

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