Copper and Semi-precious stone necklaces

We have added a classic to our jewellery collection; that has proven to be very popular: long strands of gorgeous copper and brass beads with feature glass and semi-precious stone beads. These also feature V&M’s handmade shapes, hoops and tags.

vetro-16Every necklace is unique, featuring different shapes and beads, and each can be worn as long single, doubled, or wrapped many times around the wrist. This was dreamt up to layer with our long hoop necklaces or is a great start to wearing copper jewellery. Some of our customers have a number of different colours and layer them together. Gorgeous!

We always have a selection with us at the artisan markets we attend each week, however if there is a certain colour combination you prefer, a specific V&M metal shape or tag you would like added, or even a specific length that you desire, we are more happy to create a custom piece for you. You can also order them on our website.

Copper necklace



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