From the Workshop

We are always trying to move forward regularly with new designs, and we have just finished some new ones that we are excited to share.

One is the Penny Ring, which is the copper Australian Penny, reshaped and transformed in to a ring. We can do these in any size and they will soon be available in our industrial-strength silver- and gold-plate as well. The writing can be read from the outside and inside so we could use a particular year too!


We have also done the same design from upcycled copper, rather than a penny, and then feature our stamping.


We V&M’s other new kinetic metal connector… design involves a brass bar to link together shapes, which we have done in a necklace, pendant & earrings. We will also do these in different shaped hoops and with some other metal feature pieces.


We still have lots of new ideas that we are looking forward to start working on, especially now that we have our Braidwood workshop set up!

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