Handcrafted Wedding Bands

Wedding RingsWe have been commissioned to make several sets of handcrafted beaten metal matching wedding bands, which we have completed and had another request only today.

We were priviledged to make the wedding rings for our friends, Robert and Marta who returned to Europe for their marriage in Italy and visited Selina, which is the inspiration for our business name, because of Anthony’s heritage.

Wedding Rings(2)The other couple we made wedding rings for, make up the gorgeous gypsy-folk duo, Mimosa. They play regularly at The Rocks Markets and they will be coming to Canberra both for the Bus Depot Markets and to perform at our own soiree in our own premises.

All we need is the ring size for the bride and groom, which metal they would like (copper or stg silver) and we can make up your very own perfectly imperfect wedding bands. These ones have been done in brushed metal.

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