Handmaking Ethos

Handmaking EthosThere’s a certain sense of purpose and esteem that comes from countless hundreds hours of honing metalcraft skills in the flame and on the anvil.

Most days, as part of that process, you unexpectedly stumble upon unwritten nuances of metalurgy. These ongoing discoveries are undoubtedly central to the creation of objects of raw and natural appeal using only heat, force, base metals and one’s time.

An almost inexhaustible stamina underpins the emotional, spiritual and intellectual energies that make it possible to produce unpredictable things. And to this unsolicited perspective attaches a sense of calmness and achievement, and a certain integrity that is progressively derived from one’s own hand-making ethos.

It’s no longer just hand-making by rote, rather a subconscious process of allowing the making to be accurate to who you are, and of creating a product that perhaps is a worthy reflection of the magnificent creations of civilisations past, from which we draw such inspiration.

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